Feature Lights

An area of outdoor lighting that is completely self-explanatory in terms of its title. Outdoor decorative lights are designed to embellish your garden, or exterior space, and whilst they may also incidentally be functional their main job is to stand or lie there and look pretty. Take globe lights, for example. They shed useful, diffuse light in a garden but they also create memorable atmosphere with their looks. They appear as small echoes of the moon, and you might very well find them soothing.

Exterior floor lamps are also increasingly common as our gardens become more and more accessible by night. These look just like your average shaded indoor floor lamp, except they carry a high Ingress Protection rating to signify their weatherproofing and they have heavier stands - often concrete. Some might be spiked so you can embed them into the ground. They look great on patios or areas of decking.

You might encounter LED planters among our range, which can be used to light a path as well as rather attractively showing off your potted plants. Other light forms such as LED rope lights and strips are incredibly flexible in their application - wrap them around trees, columns, handrails, trellises, or just about anywhere you can think of to add interest to your garden! They can be used to effectively highlight pathways, too.

For inspiration on how to get the best out of the products in the range why not take a look out our Creating Great Outdoor Feature Lighting feature.

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