Key Features

The U34B 20W Fly Killer Lamp is suitable for use with modern electric fly killers and glue boards, attracting insects with UV radiation that is invisible to the human eye.

  • Suits most modern electric fly killers
  • Replace regularly for optimum effectiveness
  • Used in high-hygiene areas, typically food preparation areas
  • Effective insect control

Product Description

This U34B 20W Fly Killer Lamp is designed for use with electric fly killers or glue boards. It attracts insects through optimised ultraviolet radiation, whilst also emitting a blue-coloured light. Especially useful in hygiene-critical food environments, this single-turn fluorescent lamp should be changed regularly to ensure effective use.

A self-ballasted CFL with an E27 Edison Screw (ES) base, the U34B 20W Fly Killer Lamp does not depend on an external starter for operation. This makes faults easier to identify, reducing maintenance and waste. Easy to install, this energy-efficient lamp will help create an insect-free environment for minimal cost.

Product Specification

More Information
Supplier Code LL20WX-W
Brand Selected By Lyco
Type Catering
Format Fly Killer Tube
Product Rating 5

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