Goodlight is the brand name of UK-based LED Eco Lights Ltd, a specialist retrofit LED company founded in 2006. Its range of LED lamps and luminaires is informed by close collaboration with customers and their needs. Produced by a team of talented engineers and designers, Goodlight products unfailingly use the best quality LED chips and drivers to ensure long lifespans.

Already used in numerous organisations and premises, Goodlight LED lamps have an ascending reputation as being among the best on the market. Cutting-edge features such as rotatable lamp heads fully exploit the benefits of LED technology, ensuring light is not wasted.

If you are in the market for LED retrofit replacements, look for the Goodlight name as an assurance of fresh, state-of-the-art design. Its products deliver the same quality of light as your current lamps, whilst using up to 85% less energy and requiring vastly less maintenance.

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