Stanley Tools

Established in 1843, Stanley is the largest manufacturer of hand tools worldwide. It began life as a bolt and door hardware company in New Britain, Connecticut, USA. The original company was formed by Frederick Trent Stanley, and merged 77 years later with ‘The Stanley Rule and Level Company’, founded in 1857 by Frederick’s cousin. The second company was famous for its woodworking planes, which remain a popular Stanley tool today.

One of the more recognisable and revered brand names in the world, Stanley has developed some of the most useful tools ever made. So well-known was Stanley’s utility knife that it was, and still is, often called a ‘Stanley knife’. Among its other celebrated products are the vintage ‘Bailey Plane’, ‘PowerLock Tape Rule’, and more recently, the diverse FatMax range.

Achieving great success by working closely with professional builders and tradesmen, the Stanley name is one you can trust whenever you’re in the market for well-designed tools. If you’re a maintenance worker, DIYer, carpenter, builder, electrician, plumber, mechanic or engineer, you’ll appreciate the dependability of Stanley products.

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