Vent-Axia are a company that are about as interwoven into British history as you’re ever likely to find. Founded in 1936 when Joe Akester invented the world's first electrically-operated window fan, less than 10 years later they were taking care of air quality in Winston Churchill’s 10 Downing Street!

A leader in their field, Vent-Axia is the epitome of British manufacturing excellence. Their products offer real solutions for homeowners, specifiers and contractors across the globe, and they even hold a Royal Warrant for supplying ventilation equipment to Royal Households.

Vent-Axia’s innovative range includes air movement, air handling and ventilation equipment as well as specialist heat recovery, electric heating, cooling and clean air systems. Customer requirements and needs are continually researched by Vent-Axia in order to manufacture and maintain the best possible products and standards.

Lyco offer a selection of Vent-Axia extractor fans, which offer the best in cost-cutting and cutting-edge, eco-friendly ventilation.

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