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Candle bulbs are designed to resemble a flame, and the likeness varies considerably; some designs have a ‘bent tip’ for extra effect, whilst others have a twisted or uneven glass for a more natural look.

Because candles are often used in open light fittings, their finish can be of significant importance. Generally a clear finish is preferred for a more sparkling effect with pendants and chandeliers, whilst an opal or translucent finish diffuses the light, which softens its effect whilst also lessening the glare of the lamp. A wall or table lamp might benefit more from an opal finish, since these are at eye level and therefore more likely to cause discomfort with a clear finish.

Because candles are often used in great number and in centrepiece light fittings, dimmability is a frequently desirable quality. This has the dual advantage of allowing control of ambience and energy consumption.

Candle light bulbs are still available in incandescent, energy-saving halogen, fluorescent, and LED forms. Many of the less energy-efficient incandescent candle bulbs are no longer in production, following EU legislation in recent years.


Candles are used for their compactness and for their decorative appeal in open light fittings, including pendants, chandeliers, wall lights, and table lamps.


Large bayonet (B22); small bayonet (B15); Edison Screw (E27); Small Edison Screw (E14).

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