Food Thermometers

For a restaurateur there are few things more important than keeping a clean hygienic kitchen, with the practise of good food management being paramount. A refrigerator and freezer should be maintained below specific temperatures not only to preserve food but also to inhibit or prevent the growth of bacteria.

Whether you’re running a restaurant or you’re a homeowner, a thermometer helps to ensure your appliances are kept at optimum temperatures. In a refrigerator this temperature is between 0-5°C, whilst a freezer should be kept at around minus 18°C.

Some of the more modern kitchen appliances include digital thermometers that enable you to monitor temperatures. However, many are analogue and provide nothing more than a dial. A separate thermometer for both fridge and freezer is advisable.

Whether you’re a professional caterer, cook, or you’re a homeowner, these affordable food thermometers are an invaluable step in averting potential disaster!

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