Steps & Ladders

As one of Britain's leading suppliers of light bulbs and maintenance equipment, we have a good range of steps, ladders and stepladders and stepstools for working at height. On this website, you'll find a ladder or steps to suit most purposes including: Compact stepstools on wheels to glide to where you need it
Folding steps for light use that are easy to store Classic stepladder in lightweight aluminium
Space saving tall stepladder Tall, sturdy, extension ladder reaching over 5 metres
Glass fibre steps for electrical work that don't conduct electricity

Commercial Classifications

Most of our stepladders and ladders are manufactured to EN131, which is the European standard for commercial trade duty ladders, and certifies that they can withstand a static weight of up to 150kg. There are three classifications in the UK, relating to industrial (heavy duty), light trades (the old Class 2) and domestic. These categories relate to the static weight bearing load, and in the future will also include durability.

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