Corner Wall Lights

Many of our exterior wall lights can be installed on outer corners, usually using a separately available bracket to enable a flush, secure installation. Occasionally, such a bracket may be included with the fitting.

Fixing a light onto the corner of a wall emphasises space and dimension, so it has some visual benefit as an architectural light. One of the primary reasons for installing lights at corners, however, is safety.

A sound principle used in many areas of lighting is to highlight obstacles or changes of direction. Whether you’re running a hospitality premises or an industrial or commercial building, corners are one place where people are likely to run into each other or accidentally step off the path. At worst, an ill-lit corner also threatens personal security, providing as it does the perfect opportunity to surprise. This is far less likely if the extremities of a building are well lit.

Any of these is a reason to consider a corner wall light, which can be as contemporary or traditional in design as you like. Simply choose a light from this category and then, if necessary, add the relevant corner bracket to your shopping basket by searching under “Related Products”.

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