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Having a reliable clock that always shows you the correct time makes daily life much easier and is an essential part of most businesses and organisations. An accurate clock helps you stick to a planned schedule and make the best use of your time. Visibility and style can also be key elements when presenting time in public locations.

Accurate Timekeeping

We offer a range of battery powered clocks that use either

  1. Accurate quartz movements for reliable timekeeping day after day
  2. Radio controlled for automatically updated time with split-second accuracy to within 1 second every 1000 years.

The national time signal used by the latter is based on three caesium atomic clocks at Teddington, and broadcast by MSF from the radio station antenna in Rugby. Emergency services such as the police, the ambulance service, the fire brigade and the railways all work by this time signal.

Range of Models

All our clocks are suitable for wall mounting, and we include a model that is also suitable for desk or table mounting. We have a choice of plastic casing and metal casing models with easy to read dials and clearly marked numbers.

Extra Features

Our range of excellent quality clocks also have a choice of features such as:

  • 12/24 hour clock face
  • Sweeping second hand that moves silently
  • Additional day/date or day/date/month display
  • AM/PM indicator
  • We also stock a digital LCD model that displays time/day/date/month and temperature.

Acctim Clocks

Lyco is proud to stock a wide range of top quality Acctim clocks. Since 1929, Acctim has built an excellent reputation for specialist manufacturing knowledge and expertise that has made it the leading brand in the UK clock market.