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A thermostat is a device found in many homes and hotel rooms used to maintain a constant temperature and avoid it becoming too hot or cold. Most modern homes and hotels use a digital thermostat these days, however many traditional versions with a dial do still exist and work using a bimetallic strip that expands and contracts when heated. This is connected to a temperature switch and thermometer which adjusts accordingly, depending on the change in room temperature.

According to research by the Energy Saving Trust more than 60% of UK residents are making basic errors when using their thermostats at home. For example, turning up the thermostat when it is cold outside. This should not be necessary as the very purpose of a thermostat is to maintain an even temperature at all times. Similarly, many turn up the thermostat when entering a cold room, believing it will heat up quicker. All that happens is the room heats up at the same rate but will eventually over heat and require the thermostat to be turned down again.