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There are many types of indoor lighting. Some lights are particular to commercial premises alone, whilst others are solely for the home environment. Generally though, most indoor lights are suitable for both. In this section we offer an extensive range of interior lighting, arranged into the following lighting types to make finding your required light fitting simple:

Our Indoor lighting range incorporates a wide range of technologies but if you're specifically after LED why not browse our exciting Indoor LED Lighting range.

Our overall indoor lighting range includes:

Emergency Lighting

Safety is paramount in all business environments, whether they interact with the general public or not. Our emergency lighting range includes, fittings, signage and even convertor packs to upgrade your existing lighting to emergency regulation standard.

Fluorescent Lighting

A popular office lighting solution, fluorescent lights have improved immensely over recent years. Flickering and buzzing are a thing of the past, ensuring that the working environment a distraction free productive one. Whether you’re after surface mounted battens or recessed fluorescent lights we have the solution.

Commercial Lighting

Covering a wide range of commercial needs our commercial indoor lighting range caters for shops, superstores, warehouses, restaurants and business premises alike. From flush lighting solutions to high bay and low bay lights, from display lights to downlights our range has your needs covered.

Cabinet Lighting

Above, behind, underneath or wherever you need your cabinet lighting, our lights should have the angle covered. Our range includes strip-lights, downlights and even out and out cupboard lights.


These might include recessed spotlights, sometimes fixed and sometimes adjustable; fire rated downlights that plug and gap in the ceiling to maintain its integrity during a fire; or wall-washing downlights that fire light in a downward angle against a wall. In a ceiling they tend to be very low-profile - either recessed or semi-flush, so they’re functional without being obtrusive.

Spot, track and wire lighting

All of these types of indoor lights are essentially designed to focus the light on a particular area. Whether or not you need your lighting to be adaptable or even moveable will influence your choice of light. We have a quality selection of lighting options for you to choose from including spotlights, track lighting and wire lights.

Bathroom lighting

This might incorporate task-orientated lights or various spotlight arrangements, but one thing to always be aware of when fitting a bathroom lights is its proximity to water. Any luminaire designed for bathroom use is likely to carry an IP rating, the second figure of which refers to its resistance to water. These figures should be carefully double-checked against the manufacturer’s advice for any given product. Our bathroom lights include ceiling fittings, wall lights, a range of downlights, mirror units and shaver lights.

Task lighting

This type of lighting is often extremely practical by design and may or may not have a dependency on high colour accuracy (high CRI). The difference between a cool white rather than a warm white can be a factor whilst some of our task lights incorporate a magnifying glass for reading or detail work. We stock picture lights for your photos and art work, desk lamps for study and reading lights.

Decorative Lighting

Incorporating everything from ceiling fittings to floor lamps and wall lights to table lamps, our decorative lighting section is a must for all traditional home lighting requirements. Whether your kitting out a new build or upgrading your existing lighting our decorative range has all areas covered.

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