LED Capsules

Anywhere where space is of a premium, whether it’s a physical living space or constraints in design, you might find an LED capsule bulb. Some of its uses include: caravan lighting, boat lighting, pelmet lighting, or desk lights.

All the usual advantages of LED apply, if you’re thinking of perhaps replacing an existing incandescent equivalent. An LED will give you a massively increased lifespan over incandescent, it’ll be cooler-running with no discernible heat, it’ll emit little or no UV, and it’ll be vastly more economical in the consumption of watts.

When you consider the confined spaces we’ve hinted at, some of the classic LED attributes are distinctly advantageous. An LED can be in close proximity to you without burning your nose. It can be in close-proximity to furnishings without causing any UV damage. It is resistant to vibration or shock. LED is a futuristic light form in its potential that can help you in almost any scenario.

Generally available with either G4 or G9 fittings, you’ll be amazed by the bright, money-saving performance possible from an LED capsule.

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