SOX Lamps

SOX lamps are a low pressure sodium form of lighting that can be used as an alternative to SON lights. It’s often welcomed by astronomers, for whom it causes lesser problems than high pressure sodium lighting in terms of light pollution. The yellow light of SOX is pleasing to the eye. Similar to SON lights in their range of applications, SOX lights might be used as road lighting, bridge or tunnel lighting, car park lighting, railway crossing lighting, and more! These lights are extremely cheap to run, and are long-lasting with an average 50% lifespan of up to 18,000 hours (20% at 12,000 hours).

Monochromatic light

SOX lights are terrible for colour rendition because they emit light in only one wavelength. This monochromatic light makes it extremely difficult to distinguish between colours, although it does simultaneously makes the SOX cheaper to run. SOX lights have been mostly replaced as street lights by SON high pressure sodium lights because of the latter’s more reasonable level of colour rendering and longer lifespan. In the vicinity of astronomical observation sites SOX lighting is preferred because its monochromatic radiation can easily be countered with a narrow bandwidth filter.

SOX lamps also have advantages for security perimeter lighting or in situations where poor weather is likely to have an adverse effect, because the monochromatic light is less easily scattered by mist, fog or even snowfall. It’s for this reason that SOX lighting is sometimes used as runway approach illumination, and still has some merit as lighting for roads or waterways.

Choice of wattages

Lyco offer SOX lamps in a choice of wattages and with the usual SOX bayonet cap. Wherever you need high contrast lighting and to be assured of visibility in a variety of conditions, the SOX lamp makes plenty of sense!

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