Eco Halogen Golf Ball Bulbs

Golf ball bulbs, as you might expect, resemble the size and shape of one of those spherical objects you might bash around a course - or deftly steer around a course if your handicap is low enough. The purpose of a golfball bulb though is not to help spoil a good walk, but to provide illumination in compact light fittings. The golf ball is also often used decoratively in lighting festoons.

There are choices aplenty when it comes to choosing a golf ball bulb. You can buy them in fluorescent (energy-saving), LED, or energy-saving (eco) halogen forms. You might even be able to pick them up in regular incandescent guise if you’re reading this early enough - the future of those remaining incandescent bulbs always seeming uncertain!

Here are a few advantages of each type:

  • Incandescent golf balls are cheap, and produce a natural quality of light.
  • Eco halogen golf balls are a little less cheap than their regular counterparts, but have twice the lifespan and save around 30% in energy over regular counterparts whilst retaining the high incandescent quality of light.
  • Fluorescent (energy-saving) golf ball bulbs rise in price a little more over incandescent technologies, but often offer an 80% energy-saving advantage over the base incandescent technology, and a lifespan that may be 15 times greater.
  • LED golf ball light bulbs are the more expensive option, but normally use half the power of an energy-saving CFL bulb and last two or three times longer—thirty to fifty times longer than a regular incandescent!
Halogen Beat the Ban
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