Energy Saving Candle Bulbs

Energy saving candle bulbs, as their name suggests, are energy saving versions of the elegant candle bulb. These bulbs are not only designed to resemble the alluring shape of a natural flame, with some candle bulbs even sporting a bent tip in a bid to mimic the asymmetry of fire, but they are intent on doing so at a fraction of their predecessor’s cost.

Often used in decorative luminaires and pendants, our energy-saving candle bulbs offer significant advantages over old incandescent technology whilst also being cheaper than LED. When you consider that an incandescent lamp typically lasts 1,000 hours and a CFL energy-saver lasts for up to 15,000 hours, the value for money becomes apparent. It’s not only about longevity, either -you’ll save up to 80% in energy by comparison to a filament-burning alternative. That means real savings in running costs and a return on your initial investment.

Improved reputation

In recent years and after much development the ‘slow light’ reputation of the energy saving (CFL) bulbs has been banished, and although incandescent sources remain a more ‘natural’ form of light we know you’ll be delighted by the performance of yor energy saving candle bulbs.

Choices aplenty

Lyco offer a variety of energy-saving candle bulbs with a choice of wattages, cap fittings, and finishes. We even offer a couple of attractive colours and of course, as previously mentioned, you have the choice between regular and bent-tip candle bulbs.

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