T12 Tubes

Here at Lyco, we stock the ever popular T12 tubes for the older type of fitting. At 38mm (1") diameter, we offer Warm White, Cool White and White colour varieties in a range of lengths and wattages. Our T12 tube range is made by leading lighting manufacturer, Sylvania. The following wattages and lengths are available:

  • 20 watts 600mm (2ft)
  • 40 watts 1200mm (4ft)
  • 65/80 watts 1500mm (5ft) - No longer available
  • 75/85 watts 1800mm (6ft) - No longer available

Colour guide

Warm White gives a softer glow, White is suitable for general purpose use, whereas Cool White gives a crisp white light.

T8 alternative

However, if possible, we recommend replacing with the newer T8 replacement varieties, which are more energy efficient and attractive.

We also recommend this because production of T12 tubes ceased back in April 2012 and stocks will eventually run out. Having said that, our current range of T12s does offer you a great opportunity to stock up.

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