PAR Reflector Bulbs

Our range of PAR reflectors features bulbs with parabolic reflectors, which focus the light efficiently. We offer a wide selection of PAR light bulbs, which include: PAR 56, in 12v or 240v (low or mains voltage),300 watts, GX16d fitting, PAR 36, 6.3v 30 watts, screw terminal high intensity beam. As well as halogen PAR lamps with screw or small screw fittings in:

-          PAR 16 (R50 replacement)
-          PAR 20 (R64 replacement)
-          PAR 25 (R80 replacement)
-          PAR 30 (R95 replacement)
-          PAR 38 (R120 replacement)

These lamps have either spot or flood beams. Their wattages are 40, 50, 75 or 100 watts, and can directly replace R type lamps.

Always in Stock - We are lighting specialists in PAR reflector light bulbs, and keep huge stocks at our UK warehouse, ready to send for next day delivery.

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