LED AR111 Reflectors

LED AR111 reflectors are an eco-friendly alternative to traditional AR111 spotlights but without the excessive energy consumption, heat production, UV or glare. Their appearance and size is virtually identical, so making the transition from halogen to LED should be seamless and hassle free.

There are many advantages to using LED AR111 reflectors. They deliver the same precise colour rendering, intense and uniform light, using just a fraction of the energy of their equivalent halogen reflector. This lower rate of energy consumption means a reduction in energy bills, wherever they are used. LEDs also feature a significantly longer life span, anywhere from 15,000 to 50,000 hours in some cases, making them ideal for settings where minimal maintenance is required. This type of lighting is suited to retail applications where dynamic or accent lighting is required, as well as certain hospitality venues such as hotels, bars and restaurants.

Unlike halogen reflectors in spotlights, LEDs do not produce heat so will remain cool to the touch throughout their use, particularly useful in environments where a consistent temperature is vital, such as in art galleries.

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