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LED PAR & Reflectors

A PAR light is a ‘parabolic aluminized reflector’ light that uses a can or cone-shaped housing to reflect light outwards. At least that’s how the old-fashioned incandescent variety works. In a typical LED reflector lamp this dependency on the inner-surface of the bulb is diminished; instead an LED design will normally rely on either its own optical system or series of individual LED reflectors to direct the light.

Within our LED PAR reflectors range, we offer a range of the most popular PAR sizes. A PAR bulb is named by the size of its diameter in 1/8th inch quantities. For example: a PAR20 bulb is calculated as being 20 x 8th of an inch, thus has a 2.5-inch diameter. If you have a calculator handy you can also calculate the metric measurement by multiplying the PAR size by 3.125.

The halogen replacement

Halogen still very much has a place in the world of spotlighting. It’s cheap and it produces a natural quality of light that other technologies struggle to beat. One disadvantage that LED started out with was its lack of power; in the beginning LEDs were used primarily as decorational lights. All that has changed - ongoing development to increase LED output has resulted in its use in a wide variety of luminaires and applications.

For a business, LED lighting hits quite a few other home runs. Its lifespan is colossal, and its relative use of energy is miniscule compared to an incandescent light source. The initial investment is often considerably greater, but that investment is likely to quickly give you a return in instances where your use of lights is extensive, or prolonged.


Peruse our range of LED PAR Reflectors and you’ll find a wide variety of wattages - some suitable as replacements for powerful 60W, 80W, or even 100W halogen PARs. A choice of colour temperatures and colours is also available, the coloured PARs being great for accent lighting and creating mood!

When you’re looking for low-energy, long-lasting performance, our LED PAR reflector lights show you the way.

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