Tile & Brick Lights - Faro Barcelona

Brick lights and tile lights serve exactly the purpose you’d imagine they do: they’re designed to be recessed into a brick or tiled wall to provide flush and seamless illumination at the exterior of your home or property. They’re great for lighting driveways, paths and steps. In terms of style, tile and brick lights take on many different forms. Brick lights in particular are often louvred in order to direct the light downwards and shield the eyes from glare. Or else they have a frosted front for diffused output.

Of course, recessed brick and tile lights don’t necessarily require that you install them among other bricks and tiles - you have our permission to install them against any suitable surface you like!


Just like the majority of other light forms, tile and brick lights usually use various types of lighting technologies. You might be familiar with the status quo, but typically these lights can function with LEDs, incandescent lamps or energy-saving equivalents. In terms of consuming minimal energy, long life, and eco-friendliness, LED is a natural choice. LED brick lights are proving to be a very popular choice. If bright output is a priority, an incandescent or energy-saving GLS variety of brick light might have an edge, although even an energy-saving lamp typically consumes twice the energy of LED, with only a fifth or sixth of the lifespan. Choices to be made depending on your needs!


You won’t find exterior tile and brick lights that can’t withstand good old British rain, but still, the higher IP ratings allow a little extra versatility when it comes to maintenance. If you’re in the habit of cleaning exterior walls with high-pressure jets of water, the all-important second digit of an IP rating should be ‘5’ or above (e.g. IP65).

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